Thought And The Law Of Life

It does not matter what the seeming law outside of life is, that law is also known as human conceived political law also. It does matter what your thoughts, intentions and realities are. Those laws are genuine principles that cannot be broken in any genuine way. Sure, I begin this article in that way, but, there are a couple of things I would like to mention about goals before I go on with this article and get to the center of the matter of this article.

Immoral or moral, you can have goals, but you benefit more from moral goals, you ultimately pay more even in subtle ways for immoral goals when really thought about logically and honestly. Life and existence are all give and take, what you give, you do take without matter to how long it takes for you to get back what you give. Good is beneficial, bad is harmful; both in objective and honestly definable terms. The good things of life are what is positive and lifting, the bad, it does not matter how the bad is justified is draining.

So, there may be some right political laws and there may be some wrong political laws, but one thing is for certain: The law of cause and effect is not a breakable law of nature by even the most amazing stretches of the imagination. Thus, the substantial law of cause and effect relates to goals, achievement and doing what needs to be done in every way. It does not relate to anything outside ourselves except in effect, every cause relates to what our intention is, what is inside us. The ultimate reality is within us, the effect we see is what we intended from within from when we had the original idea. Some things may waft and waver from the original intent, but rest assured, if it does exist, the model was there to begin with. What we give, we get. What we are, we have. Thought directed by the law of creates a result. Scattered and unfocused thoughts lead to scattered and unfocused results.

The law of life, if you are curious is the law of cause and effect. Not any other law matters unless you are doing the bad or harmful over the beneficial. Only when there is confusion, there needs to be a political straightening of concepts. That is the real role of political law, not taking arbitrary, harmful and destructive power, but to guide from going astray in a bad way.

Sure, in a way, I am over simplifying matters. Consider this, though: The simplest and most easily worked concept is usually the most beneficial in life. While Ponzi schemes, complex political tricks and such are usually not the most beneficial in life, in fact they are completely harmful without any matter to the seemingly quick benefit to the person initiating it. Long term benefit can only come from what really works when it all realistically comes down to it. Our goals make us, our vices break us. Vice is what does not work. A goal is what does work ultimately without matter to the seeming hardships within the implementation. All that has to be done is to think clearly, act succinctly, and generate what needs to be implemented in that order with total and logical consideration of cost and ultimate benefit. Sure, I may sound coldly rational to some, but existence and life are that exact in their functioning ultimately. Our thoughts may not be that exact, our human nature may not seem that exact, but the objective functioning of reality is that exact.

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